Bitter Eagle


Monday, January 19, 2009

Basketball Woes

After BC's impressive upset of UNC on the road, the Eagles have proceeded to lose to Harvard (thanks in large part to Rice's uninspired play on defense), to Miami (credit Rice's horrible shooting, ball handling and a bogus charge in the final minute), to Wake (Rice and the rest of the team gave up in the first half), and to Va Tech (another bad shooting night by Rice). BC has transformed a sure NCAA Tournament invite into a ticket home for the post season. BC cannot win the close games because of its lack of effort and intensity for large segments of the game. As for individual players, the Bitter Eagle has soured greatly over Tyrese Rice. I loved the guy for his first 3 years but this year he seems uninterested in playing and he lacks intensity and heart. After the rough start against Wake (and basically any other game), Rice basically packed it in for the first half. He played lackadaisically, became careless with the ball, and gave zero individual effort. He is not the leader BC needs. He has a horrible attitude and if he keeps it up, he's got no chance at the NBA. Quit the crying Rice and suck it up. Players like Raji, Sanders, and Trapani seems to be better leaders than Rice. And let's not forget that Al, Al, the Ladies' Pal has a lot of the blame as well. As the Bitter Eagle has been harping about for the past few years, the Ladies' Pal is too slow to make any in-game adjustments. The flex did not work for basically the entire first half against Wake and Al never adjusted his game plan and moved away from it. He makes no game to game adjustments either. Everybody knows BC is going to run the flex and they come prepared for it every time. If Al threw in a new wrinkle every now and then, it might give opponents something else to worry about. Starting out 1-3 in ACC play is basically digging your own grave. If BC does not figure out how to turn it around soon, it will be sitting on the sidelines come March for a second season in a row.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spaz In

Spaz was named the head coach of the BC football team Tuesday after a short search process that included few outside names. Spaz got the position mostly because his players came to bat for him and he was considered the most logical choice in order to keep some sort of consistency in the program. The Bitter Eagle is not thrilled at all with this selection because Spaz is not the most qualified person for the position. If he was not qualified 2 years ago, what makes him qualified now? Outside of this, the Bitter Eagle will refrain from saying something in the spur of the moment. Look for a more thorough analysis in the upcoming days.

Jags Fired: Bitter Eagle's Initial Reaction

As we all know, Jags was fired last week for interviewing for the NY Jets vacant head coach position. We all knew he had no chance of getting the job. It was a win-win situation for the BC program considering Jags would raise his profile, thereby also raising the BC profile on the national stage. It would impress recruits more considering he would be considered a great coach and he would have more NFL contacts. Alas, Gene mishandled the situation from the start and painted himself into a corner. His initial stance forced him to fire Jags, even if he had not taken the interview. As a result, BC lost a great head coach who is arguably one of the most successful in BC history. Here was the Bitter Eagle's initial reaction after he learned of the horrible news:

One of the worst weeks in BC sports ever (week starting Monday). BC goes down to a D-level opponent and then Jags gets shown the door. A true mess in the athletics department this week. As for Gene, he is one of the worst ADs ever. Even if he was right in the situation (which he was not), he handled the situation poorly. First off, who gets fired or even gets threatened for interviewing for another position? Second, what the hell was he thinking giving Jags an ultimatum. By doing this, he created a hostile situation for both parties and pretty much forced his hand into firing Jags no matter what happened. This should have been an internal thing as well. Finally, for all the Gene apologists, this has to be a 2 way street. If Jags suddenly went 2-10 in the next 2 years (which is a possibility now), he would have been shown the door. But since Jags tried to capitalize on his coaching success, he gets penalized for it. Sounds pretty hypocritical. And oh yeah Gene, if you're so concerned about loyalty and contracts, why exactly is BC in the ACC right now after making a fit when Miami and Va Tech left. Sounds very hypocritical. What a tool. If I were a booster, I'd be screaming bloody hell to get this clown fired. He is an absolute dope. What coach in their right minds would want to coach for BC now after seeing how Gene treats a successful football coach.

National Championship Game

The Bitter Eagle has finally returned from his wedding and honeymoon. He will now attempt to catch up on all the occurrences in the BC and college sports worlds. When he was away, the National Championship game was played. The Bitter Eagle predicted Florida to win because it had a much better defense than Oklahoma's. Oklahoma put up a valiant fight, but Florida wore it down in the 4th quarter to win the championship. Even with this win though, the Bitter Eagle still believes that Utah should have won at least a half of the championship because it was the only undefeated team in the country. That is another story however. With the win, the Bitter Eagle's bowl record finished at 18-16, which is not that great but not that bad either. Better luck next year.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jags Update

Well the drama around the Jets interview continues. Jags apparently met and interviewed with the Jets for their open head coaching position on Tuesday. Now sources close to the situation report that he will not be retained by the school anymore. Gene has not spoken with Jags since Sunday and hopes to speak with him on Wednesday. For all those who held out hope that Jags would somehow miraculously be retained, it looks like it's over esp. with this quote by Chris Cameron, BC's associate director for media relations: "It's just a matter of putting two and two together. He was told by Gene on Saturday that if he went on the interview he'd be fired." Looks like we can all kiss Jags goodbye and call Gene the worst AD ever. Whatever Gene decides to do, he better do it quickly so BC can mitigate the turmoil and reassure its recruits. Signing day is Feb. 1 after all.


For all of those keeping score, even though the Bitter Eagle did not make a post before the game, he did select to pick Ball St. to win. He then proceeded to get his @ss kicked when Tulsa clobbered Ball St. by over 30 points. The Bitter Eagle needs to correctly predict the National Championship winner in order to end the bowl season with a record over .500.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Good old Gene has clearly lost his mind and has become the idiot savant of college football. He has threatened to fire Jags if he interviews for the head coach position for the NY Jets. Jags is apparently planning on doing the interview nonetheless on Monday so the ball is in Gene's court now. This blackmail attempt by Gene is one of the most idiotic ploys ever. First, Jags is one of the most successful coaches in BC footballl history (which is not saying much) who has taken BC to its first 2 conference championships ever. He even did so this year when many experts predicted that BC would finish last in its division in the ACC. Second, with all this success, Jags has endeared himself to the BC fan base, which includes both big-time donors, the students, and Doug Flutie. By giving Jags this ultimatum, Gene is alienating this entire fan base and is breeding resentment not against Jags, but against himself and the BC football program in general. These fans would defend Jags to the death at this point, which means that Gene has given himself and the program a black eye that it could have avoided.

Third, Jags does not look like a bad guy in all of this. He has had 2 successful years so far at BC and no one expected him to stay at BC for life. If the Jets want to interview Jags, by all means he should do what is best for himself and his family. If that means he should interview for the coaching position, he should do it. Without a clause in his contract preventing him from seeking other positions for a certain amount of years, who the hell does Gene think he is blackmailing Jags? And since other programs like Auburn and Iowa St. have already inquired about Jags, it seems like there is no such contract provision. Fourth, Jags will probably not get the Jets job. By interviewing with the Jets, Jags raises his national profile even more. The job he has done at BC and ultimately the entire BC program will be given great notoriety. All this publicity and acknowledgement will help with recruiting.

Finally, with large possibility that Jags will not get the Jets' coaching gig, why on earth would you threaten a coach that will most likely be back for next season. This ultimatum fiasco will undoubtedly create resentment in Jags towards Gene. An unhappy coach is the last thing BC needs as its program looks to rebuild for the future. By making the ultimatum public, Gene has basically forced himself into the position of firing Jags to avoid all of the negative tension that will exist if both men are in their current posts for the start of next year. By firing Jags though, Gene will throw the program into turmoil. The future will be uncertain, recruiting will suffer, and the football program's reputation will be blackened. All in all, Gene has done a very idiotic move. He better work his tail off to smooth things over with Jags or BC better have the cajones to fire this idiot.